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I wanted to personally thank you not only for the inspection services you rendered, but the education you provided me in the process. 

I was concerned about whether or not the house we were looking to buy had a mold problem.  My severe mold allergies cause problems like recurring sinus infections, bronchitis, and asthma, and several viewings of the house had caused flare-ups.  Your air flow test provided quite an education in the dynamics of how air comes into a house and from where.  With the information you provided and instructions on how to immediately address conditions that cause mold like installing a vapor barrier in the crawl space, installing working fans in the bathrooms, and how to create air flow using filtered outside air sources, I feel comfortable that I can be healthy living in this house.

Also with airflow test, I was surprised to find out the large stone fireplace in the family room had no damper and what a small amount of air pressure it took to cause air to be sucked down through the chimney and into the family room.  You uncovered a fire hazard that we would otherwise have never known potentially until it was too late.

I was also impressed with the level of detail and documentation in your report.  It’s like a manual for your house including the location of all controls, cleanouts, and filters, and the model and serial numbers of every piece of equipment in the house.

Thank you for your expertise and willingness to explain and educate during the entire process.  I highly recommend your services to anyone looking at buying a house.

Thank you 

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