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Scheduling Mold Assessments

Sam " Sherlock Homes" Young
Home Performance Technical Advisor
Certified Mold Inspector

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Monday - Saturday, 8 AM - 9 PM
Sunday 1 PM - 9 PM


When Sherlock Homes is unavailable, phones are answered live at a call center.  A text message and an email are sent.  Calls are returned as soon as practical.  The information requested in the Express Mold Assessment Order Form is needed for a quote and to schedule an appointment.  We will call you for a phone consultation first.

Call Center. Currently, the call center only books home inspections.  They refer you to us for a variety of other services we offer as each mold assessment is unique.

Appointment Times. Typically appoints start between 9 AM and 2 PM, except on Sunday, when it starts between 11 AM - 1 PM.  Most mold assessments last about 4 hours on site to ensure a through inspection and to review any findings with you.  You are encouraged to participate as much as possible.  For practical reasons, many clients join us an hour after the inspection starts or about an hour from the end to work around busy schedules. The first hour or so is spent outside.

Weekend Responses. Sam Young is frequently in the field with Boy Scouts.  Typically, the events are Friday night - Sunday afternoon. Calls are returned on breaks or when back in cellphone range.

Inspection Responses. Also, Home InSight has a policy of not accepting calls unrelated to the current inspection.  Calls are returned within 4 hours, usually less.

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