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Mold Professionals

In the course of responding to water damage and mold, the services of several professionals my be required.

As qualified professionals are found, they may be listed here.  Some of these have a track record with Home InSight.  Others have been found while searching the Internet. 

Finding people who can help you can be time consuming.  If you ask, we will help you find professionals in your area.

Mold Inspectors

There are two type of mold inspectors: Certified Mold Inspectors and Industrial Hygienists.  One or both types may perform inspection services at a property.

Certified Mold Inspector. A Certified Mold Inspector (CMI) is usually a home inspector, who performs a modified home inspection to find sources of moisture and recommends mold tests to take.

Industrial Hygienist. Industrial Hygienists are microbiologists.  Certified Mold Inspectors work with them as a team.

Certified Mold Remediators

Certified Mold Remediators clean up mold by mold removal. Some mold remediators stop sources of moisture and remodel the house when mold remediation is complete.

Health Professionals

The two most common medical professionals for mold symptoms include allergists and pulmonologists. They diagnose mold effects on their patients.

Legal Professionals

To recover from water damage and mold effects, services of mold attorney may be needed.

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