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Certified Mold Remediators

Certified Mold Remediators clean up mold by mold removal. Some mold remediators stop sources of moisture and remodel the house when mold remediation is complete.

Often, mold remediators work with contractors. Mold Remediators use results of mold inspection and mold testing to plan their work.

Certified Mold Remediators (CMRs)

For professional liability reasons, Home InSight always refers mold cleanup activities to a Certified Mold Remediator.

Company Types. A variety of companies offer mold remediation services.  Home InSight recommends a Certified Mold Remediator with pollution insurance coverage.  These are usually water damage restoration companies.  Also, check their business track record.

Remodeling Services.  After mold remediation is complete, the house needs to be rebuilt.  A few companies have in-house reconstruction services.  Other mold remediators sub contract it out.  Many don't do it all.  Ask your mold remediator about this.

Home InSight Referrals. Home InSight is hesitant about recommending any particular mold remediator.  Costs and service levels vary between companies and between jobs by the same company.

As your Building Consultant for Life, we are happy to help you evaluate proposals.

Certified Mold Remediators.  This is the list of Certified Mold Remediators; however, their pollution coverage has not been checked.

Indoor Air Quality Association
website: www.IAQA.org

Nationwide Mold Remediators

Quality Restoration Vendors
Toll Free: 800-737-7663
website: www.ServiceMasterClean.com

Toll Free: 800-737-8776
website: www.ServPro.com

Atlanta Metro Area Certifed Mold Remediators 

Jorge Valdes
ServiceMaster Total Clean

Tyrone, GA 30290
website: www.SVMTotalClean.com  

Larry Fried
ServPro of Chamblee/Dunwoody
Atlanta, GA 30341
website: www.ServPro.com  

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