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Mold Clearance

A mold clearance assessment should be made after mold remediation to show the mold remediator successfully cleaned up the mold.  If so, a mold clearance letter is issued.

Purpose of Mold Clearance

Confirmation of Conditions.  Normally, the goal of mold clearance inspection is to show mold conditions that previous existed are no longer present.  It can also be used to show mold levels are acceptable for most people.  A mold clearance letter can be issued anytime mold clearance criteria are met.

Need for Mold Clearance Letter.  If you ever intend to sell your house after a mold incident, you're likely to need a mold clearance letter to show your buyer. Landlords and property managers may need it to show current or future tenants.

The letter should be provided by a certified mold inspector or industrial hygienist.  It can be obtained before reconstruction begins or after it's complete.  The choice depends on goals and circumstances.

Mold Clearance Testing

Interim Clearance Testing.  Clearance testing can take place before remodeling begins. It's preferred to do it before rebuilding so further mold clean up can be done, if necessary.  At a minimum, testing needs to be done inside the work zone.  We like to test on the outside of the work zone too, largely to verify the protected areas weren't contaminated further during mold clean up.

Post Clearance Testing. Clearance testing can also occur after remodeling is complete.  It has the advantage of verifying mold levels are acceptable in its finished condition, with heating air systems running, and routine activities occurring.

Clearance Criteria. Before testing, Home InSight verifies the moisture conditions have been addressed and the mold is cleaned up.  When satisfied, air sampling is done.  The goal is to determine if mold levels are acceptable.  For most molds, the indoor levels need to be lower than outdoors.  For some molds, there is more specific criteria because it shouldn't be found in the air at all.

For clearance testing, ideally the air scrubbers should have been turned off for at lest 24 hours.  However, 2 hours is usually sufficient.

Mold Clearance Letter

When clearance conditions are met, a mold clearance letter is issued.  Please understand that it's good only for time mold clearance testing was performed.  Our goal is to confirm elevated mold conditions are gone and it's likely to stay that way.  When we're satisfied, we'll issue the clearance letter without conditions.

The letter shows potential home buyers, tenants, and others the house is livable again.

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